Notting Hill Methodist Church, Lancaster Road

The Grenfell Tower fire

Thank you to everyone for their time, prayers, volunteering and donations since the dreadful Grenfell Tower fire.

Our response

We are offering support to those affected by the fire and the wider community. The church is open for prayer and practical assistance between 9am and 7pm.

  • So far (19 July) we have distributed £24,000 directly to Grenfell families.

  • We have collected many tonnes of used clothes and toiletries which we are currently processing.

  • Three tonnes of donated food has already been distributed.

  • Most of our new clothes have already been distributed, though we do have a small stock of essential toiletries, new clothes and other items.

  • We also have information on sources of further help. The Red Cross and NHS Mental Health Services are frequently on site.

  • We have held prayer vigils and will continue to do so - please see this website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

  • We have a book of condolence, and many flowers and other tributes have been left outside the church.

  • Many are coming to our Sunday Services - (11am) held in our worship area on the top floor.


We have received many calls from those who wish to donate to the community of Grenfell Towers.

Cash donations

These can be made at the church, which is open 9 - 7 each day, and will go directly to families affected by the fire.

Cheques and online donations

These are made through the London District of the Methodist Church. Please be aware that whilst these donations are currently being sent to the families and emergency services affected by the fire, they may also be used to support wider church work in response to these events. Please either send us a cheque (address above right) noting on the back 'for Grenfell’, or make a direct payment as below:

Account Name: London District of the Methodist Church
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Account No: 00030154

Physical Donations of Goods

We have been inundated with physical donations of clothing and food – we have warmly welcomed these, but we do not have the capacity to receive any more physical donations of goods.

Contacting us

At the moment we are still finding it impossible to respond immediately to all phone calls and emails. Please bear with us as we deal with our backlog.




240 Lancaster Road
Notting Hill
London W11 4AH

Tel: 0207 229 7728

Minister: The Revd Mike Long



Open 9am - 7pm daily

Sunday Service: 11am
All are welcome


Flowers and tributes for Grenfell Tower victims